#iBleedGreen is a national movement to empower the Pakistani athletes across all sports, with a key focus on non-mainstream sport(s) in which we are heartbeats away from winning a World Title. Its core mission is to be a catalyst to help national athletes to live up to their full potential as public assets for Pakistan and Pakistani society – making a significant contribution to the development of youth, the well-being of individuals, and quality of life in our communities. We consider Sport as a ‘school for life’, and our athletes as the Pakistani Superheroes.

#iBleedGreen is a portal to raise funding through various methods which include crowdfunding as starters. 100% of the funds raised will go towards the athlete’s development plan to represent Pakistan for another chance at a World Title.

Our plan to launch #iBleedGreen was originally for July 2019, but due to the inspiring story of Inam Butt, we decided to launch a beta version to support his journey to the Olympics 2020 being held in Tokyo. Details here, please spread the word and support him as much as possible – time is short. Imagine the inspiration an Olympic Gold medal can bring to our youth, who are 65% of the Pakistani population.

Please share your suggestions on ways our superheroes can be empowered through the Pakistanis across the globe


Shoaib Malik

PS, check out our thoughts behind the #iBleedGreen logo